The creation of our ‘Budget Box’ – What is it and what do I use it for

I posted recently about how we have just made the switch from online to real, physical cash envelopes. As part if that we also needed somewhere to store them. So I created our ‘Budget box’

This is a box I had laying around empty that I previously bought for my desk but never used. It is the perfect size.
The cash envelopes I use fit in there brilliantly.
I also use a couple of spare envelopes to store receipts in so I can find them easily if needed to see how much we have spent so far (I only keep the grocery, petrol or big ticket item receipts, not our personal or joint spend)

Budget box

The budget box isn’t just for cash.

In the box I also keep a printed copy of this months budget so we can refer to it quickly and easily if needed. A small calculator, a small notepad and a pen.

This means we have everything we need to hand when we sit and do our budget each month or if we need to refer back or double check anything during the month.

If any bills come in during the month then we just pop them in the budget box and they are there ready and waiting for when we work out the next months budget, after which they then either get shredded or filed away properly. Previously they would just be floating around the kitchen, living room or dumped on a table.

If you are also using the cash envelope system I highly recommend also creating a budget box. It could be a nice pretty one you buy as a treat, or it could be a basic tupperware box or a reused cardboard box. Whatever works for you. I find a budget box much more practical than when I tried using a budget binder.

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